eBook publishing has brought forth a vast array of possibilities for writers. Gone are the days when you had to send your manuscript to every publishing house and market it to sell it. With various online platforms, you can now publish and sell your books online. Kindle is the largest online resource for eBooks and allows authors to publish their books on the Amazon Kindle Store.

If you are a writer and have been looking to write and publish a Kindle eBook, here the key steps to follow.

Be clear about your mission – The first thing that you need to know is your purpose for writing the book. Writers who are passionate about their subject are likely to have maximum success than people who are there just to make a quick buck.

Make a list of ideas – Once you know why you want to publish an eBook, the next step is to write down potential book ideas. You can introspect on the message that you want to share with your readers and narrow done to what exactly you wish to convey in your book.

Do your homework well – It is always a good idea to do some research before you begin writing your book. Have a look at already existing books on your subject. A quick market survey will let you know how successful other writers have been in the same niche. It can be an interesting process and bring you insights that can help you in writing and publishing your eBook.

Write your first draft – You are now ready to let the creative juices flow. When you begin writing, it can be helpful to first let your ideas and thoughts simply flow unrestricted. Experts recommend that you continue writing without stopping to edit or do research. Initially, just write without any distractions; this is imperative for maximum productivity while writing.

Edit and research – Once your creative writing is over, you can move to the next step – editing and research. After a few rounds of self-edits and research work, it is time to hire a professional editor. There are several editors available today; make sure to hire someone who will do the work at a reasonable price.

Craft a title and cover design – After your book is good to go, you need to give a title and finalize the cover design. These two are of paramount importance and should be something that will make your book stand out and look professional.

Format book for Kindle – Since you will be publishing your book in Kindle, you will need to format it for the same. The quickest way to do it is to use Microsoft Word. It is easy and does not need the use of complex software or formatting.

After you have formatted the book, upload the file and check in the Kindle Previewer. Make sure to read through the entire book. If you find any formatting errors in the book, edit and upload again. You might have to do this a few times till you are satisfied with how the formatting appears.

Publish in Kindle – The last step is to create an Amazon account and publish your book there. One thing to keep in mind is that books don’t sell themselves. To make it really big, it will help to market the book well. There is a lot of information online about marketing Kindle eBooks. You can read them to know how you can boost your book rankings in Kindle and push sales.

Writing and publishing your own book can be a very rewarding experience. Follow the above steps to pen down your thoughts and share your message with your target audience.