“We have reviewed the results and agree with the findings that have been presented. Policy review is underway, and we look forward to implementing the changes that are necessary to ensure the safety of our officers and the community,” Hall said. 

The audit criticizes the department for failing to have “important internal controls” related to its off-duty work program.

The audit analyzed the period between October 2015 and September 2017, and found that of the 276,455 requests to work off-duty jobs, 99 percent were approved. Of those, 86,851 weren’t approved until after the off-duty job began. 

Many other big-city departments, among them Houston and Detroit, Hall’s hometown, do not allow this. If those cities allow the off-duty jobs, they have a “dedicated or centralized authority over the off-duty employee program,” the audit says. Many also establish rates of pay for officers taking part in the off-duty program.

Mata said he’s concerned the city might try to control how much businesses pay officers, and he fears the city might charge businesses a fee to use off-duty officers. 

Off-duty cops can be seen working at concerts, sporting events, parades and large races, among them the annual Dallas Marathon. The city doesn’t pay for the overtime in those cases, said Terrance Hopkins, president of the Black Police Association of Greater Dallas.

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