With the holidays on the way, seasonal employment is on the rise again. While increased job growth is always a positive, the increase in opportunities can also bring several types of employment scams.

Tyler Russell of the Better Business Bureau warns prospective employees of the dangers of these scams.

“As we see with the different employment seasons that run throughout the entire year, a lot of people are looking for work at the holiday season so you see a lot more of these scams coming out. Now we have the holiday scams.”

Russell says there are a few telltale signs of an employment scam.

“If you see some positions that require little or no training, watch out for that. Also vague company descriptions. If you have no idea what the company does or you’ve never heard of them before, make sure that you get out there an check those companies.”

Other indications that a job posting may be a scam include not requiring an interview, charging a fee for the application, and recruiters who provide little to no information. Russell also explained a few ways you can be proactive in protecting yourself from employment scammers.

“Be skeptical, go and check out as much as you possibly can online. Check those companies directly. Go to their websites. Also you can find those companies by going to BBB.org. Those business profiles are available to the general public.”

To report a scam or fraud scheme or to learn more, go to bbb.org/scamtracker

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