Youtube has been always the go-to platform for creators, simply, because of how easy to monetize your videos. Facebook realizes this fact and knew that it’s a showstopper to take over the video industry. Hence, Facebook introduced ad breaks program to enables creators earn money out of their videos.

What are ad breaks

Ad breaks help eligible video creators earn money by including short ads before or during qualifying videos. Creators will get a share of the revenue from the video ads shown to viewers. Viewers must view the entire ad to continue watching a video. Because different advertisers target different types of people, each viewer may see a different ad during the same ad break.

Ad breaks is available in 29 countries and seven languages.

There are three types of ad breaks:

  • Pre-roll ads: Ads that play before your video starts. These are shown to people who actively seek out the content either by search, on a Page timeline or on the watchlist in Watch. The more viewers that seek out the content, the more payouts the creator will receive from pre-roll.
  • Mid-roll ads: Ads that play during your video. These work the best within a video that has natural break points. Today, the vast majority of videos are still discovered in News Feed. To take advantage of all monetization opportunities, we recommend that creators program their content for mid-roll.
  • Image ads: This type of ad is a static image that appears below the content and doesn’t affect the viewing experience.

How to works

Ads are placed at natural breaks in your content to create a better experience for your audience, while increasing the number of possible placements, upping your earning potential. You can always choose your own placements or turn off ad breaks for individual videos.

Ad breaks placement
Ad breaks placement. Image source: Facebook

You can decide which advertisers, or categories of advertisers, you don’t want appearing next to your content. Plus, you have the option to choose to have your content reviewed early, so you can start earning from the moment you publish.

ad breaks, block advertisers
Block certain advertisers. Image source: Facebook

Ad breaks insights

Understanding ad breaks insights means understanding your earnings, and it’s made easier with Creator Studio.

Ad breaks insights
Ad breaks insight. Image source: Facebook

How to become eligible for ad breaks?

Just like Youtube, there’re minimum requirements to be able to show ads on your videos. Creators must fulfill a certain criteria to become eligible to use Ad breaks.

You can check eligibility at any time from this link.

However, even if your country is not supported yet, you can still sign up for ad breaks program if your page meets the rest of requirements, this will qualify your to run ads once ad breaks program is available in your country. Your page will be labeled as pre-registered.

Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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