I was honored to recently meet and congratulate Jahmaya Zelaya, Maiya Green and Chinedu Nwaosu, three Pacific High School students who have completed the Young Visionaries Employment Development program.

The program where students are learning skills for the workforce prior to graduating from high school.

Young Visionaries has been working with Pacific High for nearly 4 years, implementing employment development services for students. It’s a two-month program that teaches students how to create resumes and cover letters, how to fill out applications, interviewing skills and how to talk to potential employers.

Students are committed to this after-school program three to four days a week, where they gain hands on work experience by volunteering off campus at a non-profit organization. Students are also connected to resources to link them to jobs and information to ensure their success.

As a result of the program, students have gained employment and students are much more aware of their options and plans after high school. Although all the students attend Pacific High, after completing the program, students have made the following comments:

“I was able to build friendships with students that I saw on campus but didn’t talk to before.”

“I love coming to this program because I feel like I can be myself. I feel like I’m at home.”

“I enjoy learning new things and proud of my accomplishments.”

Sixty students from Pacific High have successfully completed the program and some are employed and doing well. The students who are not currently employed are actively seeking jobs. They are provided follow up services and are still connected even though they have completed the program.

I am confident that these and many other students, are preparing for the future as they attend high school and will become some of the best workers for any company or organization willing to give them a chance to demonstrate their abilities

Continue the good work students, as you are the future.

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