SPOKANE, Wash. – A break in at Mount St. Michael's Catholic Parish in August left the nuns there feeling violated and without hundreds of dollars in power tools, halting construction on the 100-year-old building. But, thanks to a local online group, those power tools have all been replaced. 

KXLY first aired the story about the stolen tools on August 30. Ed Concie, a member of the Facebook grou Man The Family Up, was watching the newscast, and couldn't believe what he was seeing. 

"Who steals from nuns? Good Lord. Just a terrible thing to do," Concie said. 

The thieves were caught on the school's security cameras, breaking into the maintenance room and walking away with more than $600 in tools. It forced several construction projects at the school to stop. 

But, now the sisters are feeling a different kind of shock. 

"I thought 'wow.' You know, to have people come out like that and help, it was just wonderful," said Sister Helen Marie, a nun at Mount St. Michael's. 

All those tools have been replaced in an outpouring of support from the community. A large number of the tools came thanks to Concie and his Man The Family Up group. 

"I just put a call out. I took a picture of the screen and put it up on MTFU," he said. 

The response was more than Concie could have expected. 

"We got donations as far as Nevada, Idaho. People came out of the woodwork, it was pretty neat," he said. 

MTFU was a Facebook group created to bring men together without politics or divisiveness. They often do good deeds around the community. 

But, Sister Helen Marie said it wasn't just donations from MTFU. She says they were coming from all over. 

"Many of them had delivered some extra tools they had, or they ordered something online and had them shipped here for us," she said. 

Concie says he was proud to see all the support coming from the community. 

"They were amazed at the love in the community. Absolutely. So, they thought that was pretty neat. They said their prayers were answered," said Concie. 

It's just another way that we see that goodness will always prevail. 

"There's always good in people and I think we saw that with this outpouring of support. And there are a lot of good people, and sometimes we don't see a lot of them, but they're there," said Sister Helen Marie. 

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