(ABC4 UTAH – Kaysville, UT) Imagine going to sleep under the moon light, you hear a babbling brook in the distance, the wind blowing through aspen trees, crickets chirping. 

Klymit customer, Karen Chin told us; “There is so much going on in the world. It just takes a second to be kind and smile and help someone, so I’d like to live my life like that. Getting into the outdoors kind of goes along with that. It helps you remember that the world is bigger than you and whatever is going on with you.”

According to the Outdoor Industry Association – 72% of Utah residents participate in outdoor recreation each year.

You may have noticed the Klymit building off 1-15 in Kaysville. What do they do? The answer might make you fall asleep. 

Matt Maxfield, VP Development & Operations at Klymit summed up their business with a simple phrase;  “we like to make sleeping outside more comfortable.” 

How did they do that? By designing a better inflatable sleeping pad.

Maxfield continued; “We started exploring different options. Initially just trying to minimize weight and come up with the lightest weight sleeping pad and still be comfortable. That’s what really got us our start.”

I asked Matt about one of his favorite things the growth of Klymit; “For me, the first time I saw our product on a shelf in a retail store, it was exciting. It was a little surreal… are we doing this? Are we capable of being able to play with the big dogs and have our product next to them?”

What’s Davis County’s Manager of Economic Development answer to that question? A resounding yes! Shawn Beus is enthusiastic; “I definitely think that Klymit has a great reputation in the state of Utah, but they also have a great reputation throughout the world. This is an international company. Located right here in Davis County.”

Their secret weapon? Think air. Maxfield said; “We became the experts in inflatable technology and that’s what has allowed us to push the innovation limits on how we harness air to be more comfortable.”

As I got a tour of the Klymit plant, I find out that they developed a proprietary CNC welding machine that we can do any sort of design. That machine allows them to test out all kinds of prototypes.  Thanks Klymit for the ABC4 Utah and Utah Success Stories inflatable signs!

With another Utah Success Story, I’m Doug Jessop.

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