Students share their career preference—to be a service person or an entrepreneur, with New Age Youth.        

Ramisa Kabir
Bangladesh University of Professionals

I prefer staying in a fixed schedule with a fixed budget because that way I can have a better control on my life. Entering in the job market as a newbie, I want to work my way up. I can’t give my 100% to my job while I constantly have to think about the risk of letting down myself and the people working for me. That is something I will have to master as I gain experience while working under someone else. I would prefer pursuing employment in the field first before I venture out on my own.

Maksud Alam Antor
University of Dhaka

Entrepreneurship or employment—is still the biggest dilemma so far in the life of a Generation Z kid like me. In my view, working for an employer can never bring the best out of me. The spur engendered from the lure of promotion or increment in somebody else’s company, if quantified, will always get trumped by what I will get from the freedom of working for my own business, calling my shots and at the end, answering myself.  So, I want to start my own business that runs for a purpose, is led by values and stays as a legacy.

Farzana Binte Hossain Anna
Jahangirnagar University

One inquiry that may get disregarded by numerous youths hoping to begin another profession, or basically entering the activity showcase out of the blue, is regardless of whether they need to be a business visionary or a representative? Where an entrepreneur ‘Undertakes an enterprise’ vice versa an employee serves his employer with a secure income. Knowing the distinction amongst business and business attitude is critical to understanding which choice would work better for you as an individual, and how being a representative or an entrepreneur can suit your own identity and objectives . But I believe that to become an entrepreneur the first step is work with an entrepreneur which could be possible by choosing to become an employee first then try to establish yourself as an employer in your own arena.

Ahmed Hossain
University of Dhaka

In the conventional view of our society, we see entrepreneurship as the more risky way of life and service or jobs as the safer ones. Breaking out from the ‘Yes, Boss’ cage is something which very few of us dare to take. Being a part of one of the most elite business schools of our country, we are taught to be entrepreneurs, to be risk takers and shape the society. Not many changes can be made by creating excel files sitting in an air conditioned office. But that doesn’t mean service jobs are useless. Entrepreneurs need people to work for them, don’t they?

Al Kaviul Sarker Tanzim
Rajshahi University

It is better to build one’s own empire than helping to build others’. So, many may opt for entrepreneurship. And I also, personally, dream of becoming an entrepreneur but service seems safer to me. So one has to bear in mind that the way that is to be made by oneself to climb up on the hills is not that easy and it needs courage, time and financial backup. Does everyone have that? I think not; because most of the people of our country belong to the lower spectrum of wealth. On the other hand, taking larger risk and self-acceptance ability is another thing. Sportsmanship facilitates the ability to decide in such a case. If someone accepts the notion that without being exceptional one cannot become an example, it may metamorphose his or her decision from service to entrepreneurship. But as a beginner, I would like to suggest, from these sediment and solidified prior and ongoing encounters, that to become an entrepreneur one must learn ins and outs at the very initial stage of that desired particular sector he or she is eager to work through and dream of building his or her entire empire on that; and so it is better to be at service in a company that deals with that particular sector at least for a couple of years and then to become an entrepreneur. So, I have decided to get a job at first and then will become an entrepreneur.

Sofia Kamal
United International University

Personally I never thought of doing job. In future maybe I will do job but I will make sure that it allows me to show my creativity. I am always interested doing business or you can say something innovative as I am a very creative person. I have a plan that I will open a shop where all my creative and craft works will be sold. I will take rural home makers as employee so that they can earn money by working from their own house. I prefer giving a job instead of doing a job. It is more like a dream to me. My target is to expand the business in future and give it a place to the international market. So you can say I am highly interested in choosing entrepreneurship as a profession rather than doing a job.

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