I’m a big fan of pastrami, and I go to Katz’s to get it. Katz’s has been on Ludlow Street since 1888, and aside from superb pastrami, and what must be the largest restaurant seating capacity in New York City, they have the single coolest water fountain I have ever seen.

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A genuine Art Deco relic, the three shelves store I-don’t-know-how-many hundred glasses. With three spigots, that’s a lot of glasses of water real fast. And it’s beautiful and elegant to look at. And the water is cold and we all know water tastes better when it’s in a glass.

I tried really hard to figure out a connection to woodworking but I failed. However, great design is great design in any medium, and I know I learned something useful from seeing this great fountain; I just don’t know exactly what.


This “Tools & Craft” section is provided courtesy of Joel Moskowitz, founder of Tools for Working Wood, the Brooklyn-based catalog retailer of everything from hand tools to Festool; check out their online shop here. Joel also founded Gramercy Tools, the award-winning boutique manufacturer of hand tools made the old-fashioned way: Built to work and built to last.

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