As per the Puranas, the problem is never wealth itself, but our relationship with wealth. Have you ever wondered how people made money around that time? How is it explained in the Puranic space?

To dig deeper, we can look at Krishna, also called a Gopala. He used to take care of cows, considered as a source of income in Vrindavan. By doing so, he provided a service to his parents. So Krishna was a part of an economic ecosystem. Krishna’s brother, Balaram was not associated with cow herding. He has always been shown holding a plow in his hand called Haladhara, in order to plow the field. So plowing the field was a primary industry. And he has a Musara or a pestle which is used to pound grain. So he was involved in activities that are associated with agriculture. Income could have also been through the land owned by them.

The relationship with wealth is different for different people in the Puranas; Brahma’s son Indra, for example, is always seen chasing wealth. In contrast, Vishnu attracts wealth, and Shiva is indifferent to wealth.

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